16 MAR 2020

As the existing situation incorporates many uncertainties, we would like to provide detailed information about the situation from the perspective of our company.

To our existing customers:

All of our 70 workers in the factory are working full time in order to ensure the production of the cabins according to conditions and obligations of our agreements. There are no shortages in the supply chain of any sort of materials and factory holds timber in stock for 20 log frames to be produced. At the moment, there are no restrictions to export our goods to Norway and we plan our deliveries according to the plan. If such restrictions will be imposed, we will ensure storage of the goods until the delivery and will find a custom solution with each individual client of ours. Furthermore, our financial situation is very solid, so there should be no doubts about our ability to fulfill our obligations whatsoever.

At the moment, we are operating with 5 carpenter teams in Norway so there will be no, or very limited delays of our provided building services in the upcoming months. We are closely following all the instructions and suggestions provided by the Norwegian institutions to ensure wellbeing of our workers, customers and any other involved parties.

To our potential customers:

Our office is working on a regular basis to ensure the sales service and all the other operational duties towards our customers, therefore we are planning our sales process and deliveries without any restrictions or limitations and according to our yearly plans. If any changes will occur, we will evaluate each case separately and ensure the best possible solution tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

Therefore, we kindly ask you, as our potential customers, not to postpone or delay your building plans, but to continue with the process of planning so we can ensure a smooth execution of deliveries throughout the rest of the year.


For more detailed information, please contact our office and stay safe and healthy!


Best Regards,